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Saturday, May 07, 2005

I remember the look in your eyes
When I told you that this was goodbye
You were begging me not tonight
Not here, not now
We're looking up at the same night sky
And keep pretending the sun will not rise
Be together for one more night
Somewhere, somehow
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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Life is bigger
It's bigger than you
And you are not me
The lengths that I will go to
The distance in your eyes
Oh no I've said too much
I set it up

That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight
Losing my religion
Trying to keep up with you
And I don't know if I can do it
Oh no I've said too much
I haven't said enough
I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try

Every whisper
Of every waking hour I'm
Choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt lost and blinded fool
Oh no I've said too much
I set it up

Consider this
The hint of the century
Consider this
The slip that brought me
To my knees failed
What if all these fantasies
Come flailing around
Now I've said too much
I thought that I heard you laughing
I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try

But that was just a dream
That was just a dream
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005


its been reallii reallii veryy veryy long since i ever updated my blogg!~~~ sorry guyss. haha.. been realli lazzy to do my workk. kinda haf nth to sayy too. haha. soo e consequences is dat so mani things havee happened and yet u guys dunno. haha.. 1 word = too badd. haha.. no la.. im gonna summarize e whole thing. dere wuz 1 issue when i was named DICK in e story. and mua fwen TOM. LOL. hahaha. we were annoyed by someone name M.ASS. haha.. well, this M.ASS kept wanting to slit M.ASS wrist or do wadeva things on it. we kept tellin' M.ASS so mani mani times not to do it le but M.ASS still did it.. so were fucked up and left M.ASS alone. at nitee, baby came to e parents teachers' dialogue. she got to noe abt this dumbb lil thingg and she kinda wuz angryy withh mee. i think. haha. she din wanna see me. SOBx.. was reallyy fucked up dat nitee. stormed off when she asked me to ask TOM go talk to her. whye shuldd i? in e first place we aren't wrongg. butt haiyas. its all okae now. so lets dunch think abt it. well, actually dun haf much things to sayy. had funn with my baby for 24 dayss. yay! hahaha. im actualli lookin fwd to e kuantan tripp. whee!~ ohh ya. baby's sister got to noe abt us liaoss. yiKez. hope this doesn't affect our relationshipp. well i think ill stop here cuz i cant think of anything dat happened. its been too long. hehe. >.<" cya guyss.

oh ya. rock with caesars palace - when u jerk it out.. its e ipod shuffle songg. so yeaa.

Wind me up
put me down
start me off and watch me go
I'll be running circles around you sooner than you know
A little off center
and i'm out of tune
just kickin this can along the avenue
But i'm alright

coz it's easy once you know how it's done
you can't stop now
it's already begun
you feel it
running through your bones
and you jerk it out
jerk it out

shut up
hush your mouth
can't you hear you talk to loud?
No I can't hear nothing 'cause I got my head up in the clouds
I bite off anything that I can chew
I'm chasing cars up and down the avenue
But that's ok

coz it's easy once you know how it's done
you can't stop now
it's already begun
you feel it
running through your bones
so you jerk it out
jerk it out

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

[ain't losing u]

todae wuz quite a boring dae.. actualli it sux la. as usual. i fetched baby to skool den i left my shirt in her bagg. and after skool went to find her. haha.. covers her eyes. haha. den i went to PC. den went to e soccer match. din manage to plae. haiss. nvm la who ask mi never go training. haha. settled siti dat prob aso. sians.. i so dao todae. bring me backk to where i belong. lala landdd. wheee!
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Friday, March 25, 2005

[luving u everydayy]

hees.. todae i went to tampines mall with baby, gloria, siti and jeremy. i met baby first and we went to tampines to take a stroll becuz we had to wait for gloria. gloria thought it was 1pm den we had to meet, so i and baby had some time for ourselves. haha. we went tampines mall to take a walk and we went to all levels and it took 20minutes.. so slow.. haha. and gloria msG baby dat we culd slowly walk to e mrt station. dere we waited as i held her lil pinky. haha. X ) i held her like her daddy did!!~ kewlll. haha. gloria camme and we went to orange julius to take a rest. cuz we were standing on e 4th level nth to dooo. it was tiring. haha.. my legs nearly broke. whilst we're on 4th lvl. i saw smthing farnni. haha.. on e 1st lvl dere was a man trying out e massage thingyyy and his stomach was vibrating.. haha.. it was hilarious.. hhahaha. baby!~ obsence arr.. cannot see. haha. after dat we went to orange julius to rest when siti suddenly pop out behind baby and *BOO*. haha.. she was so shocked dat she jumped outta her chair. bLeahsss. haha. den jeremy came too and we all went to see e timing fer the eye 10. they left me and baby to queue up!!~ and it was damnnn longggg. ohh mann..buden its okae la. baby was pei-ing me. haha.. thankeuuu gal. haha. we bought 4 tix but e cashier gave us 3. so we had to go back and asked for e 4th ticket. haha. den we went down to giordano to buy e bandd thinggyy. haha.. siti and gloria bought turquoise ones fer e spastics and hot pink ones fer me and baby. thankeww. X) *beams* den we saw shane, shermaine and david. and we went to long john's to have our lunch. i wuz quite hungry buden baby left alot of food fer mee.. thankew. u juz wuldn't eat!~ hmph. haha. buden its aayte.. i get to eat.. hehehe. after dat roxane camme and chatted with us awhile. after dat we went to catch e movie. yay! it was nt dat scary ar. baby dun be scared la.. haha. =P enjoyed it and we went to collect siti's cake from bangawan solo after dat. it was a black forest fer her mummi mann. haha. she's swt. after dat we said our farewells and i sent baby homee. hee. i luv u baby!!~ fer wad happen. haha.. =) ooh yaa.. dun make until ur hands are full of blister k? haha.. and after i sent her home .. well ya. haha. i think.. i went to play cs with renny and ziyang. saw jeremy and marvin. yeaa.. dats all. X )
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Thursday, March 24, 2005


itts been 4 days since i went to e camp which is on umms. monday. it ssuxx.. i hate itt. cuz i miss herr toooooo mucchhhhh!~ cant sleep. haha. i nid my bolster. e camp was alrite ar. loads of activities and sun tanning. mi gosh. im so hot dat my legs were perspiring too. im back todae, came back juz now at 8+. and now im at homee! going for my NCC soon. damnnn. im so tiredd. i dun wanna go. buden still haf to go. hopefully ill be able to see baby todae bahh. (: hee..

suraigani suraigani - suragani kemale kenava
male male male - suragani kemale
suragani kemale kenava
once a papa met a mama under mango tree ah
den e papa ask e mama will u marry mi ah
den e mama tell e papa u are so ugly ah
den e papa tell e mama AI SEH baby ahh!~
suraigani!~ suragani!~ suragani kemale kenavaa!!~
male male male - suragani kemale
suragani kemale kenava!!!~
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Sunday, March 20, 2005

haha. yay!~ something happened dat made my day todae. haha. it was so.. well. it was a happy occasion lahh. haha..roxane's b'dae and this. haha.. roxane! happi b'daE! ure my dum!~ loLs. we gave her a surprise b'dae and she was realli shocked and happi. haha. LOL. she was so so so shocked dat she nearly had two heart attacks in a row. a feDex truck and a DHL truck came and delivered and she was like screaming.. wooo. hahaha. she is so damn farnni. haha. and at nite i sent her home and well.. ya. haha.

held her hands on : 11.35pm.

miss her on : 0145hr. sunday morning. X ) i luv u baby!

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